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Have you ever seen a shadowy figure out of the corner of your eye? Does the figure even appear to be somewhat human?
Or at least a human shadow? Well if you have, you’re not alone.

Millions of people have witnessed this phenomenon, which is referred to as “Shadow People”. Some just shrug it off, thinking it’s no more than their imagination. Others truly believe that they saw a human-like shadow at a place where it shouldn’t have been. Sometimes, Shadow People are even seen by a person who is alone, while other times these strange shadows appear to be lurking within other shadows.

So what exactly are Shadow People? Are they some sort of spirt or ghost? Maybe a being from another dimension or realm? Do they represent some sort of vision? Or are they nothing more than just figments of our imagination? Whatever Shadow Peopleare, they are being reportedly witnessed everyday. In fact, Shadow People represent some of the most popular supernatural sightings in the world.

The most believed theory is that Shadow People are spirits with dense energy, like orbs and vortexes. Some photos show that orbs and vortexes do occasionally cast shadows. All though we can’t see orbs or vortexes with our naked eye, it’s believed we can sometimes see the shadows they cast. essentially, this theory explains that the Shadow People we actually see represents the energy of the spirit that we can’t see with our naked eyes.

Another theory is that we’re getting a glimpse into another dimension. Perhaps that dimension or realm blends in with ours a bit and what we’re seeing is the shadow of someone from the other dimension. If that’s the case, then can that person see us? Do we appear like a shadow to them? Many paranormal investigators are intrigued by this theory. Unfortunately though, there’s really no way to prove it.

When it comes to Shadow People, all we can do is theorize and speculate. Perhaps all explanations are equally valid. Maybe Shadow People don’t have just one origin. While they mostly appear to be “human” outlines, there are still some that are witnessed in different sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, they go away as quickly as they appear, so nobody ever really gets a good look at them. They are strange though. One good thing that can be said about Shadow People is that, for the most part, witnesses don’t report any feelings of negativity coming from them. Shadow People leave witnesses feeling strange, and maybe a bit uneasy, but hardly ever frightened. We can only hope that Shadow People aren’t evil or malevolent, whatever they may be.


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