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The goats head. The Goats Head is actually a symbol that goes back to pre-Solomonic times. The goat was used in many a small village in the middle east.
The elders would take a goat and whisper the sins of the people into the goats ear. They would then take and drive the goat out of the city/village and into the desert. By doing so the goat cleansed thecity of its sins. Its where you got: Scape Goat. Marvelous!

The inverted pentagram. Or shield of Solomon. Which has always meant protection from evil and harm. Regardless of the misinformed.

The Hebrew around the Baphomet.It says.......LVITHN or Leviathon. The great sea beast that ate Jonah and spit his ass out when he repented for his sins. Remember he was unharmed because he had truly repented.

This actually makes sense on why it was on the Knights shield. Because they were in the middle east, they used symbolism that was understandable to the area and the indigenous beings there. That's why many people didn't understand it and the government and religious groups were able to spread fear and hatred of them using that strange symbol.

Is that why Anton Lavey (the founder of Church of Satan) used it for the Church of Satan???? To show Satanists as the church scapegoats? To use the Church own symbol against them?


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