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Chinese Farmer, Amputates Own Right Leg With Fruit Knife And Hacksaw

A Chinese farmer suffering from blood clot complications reportedly took the problem into his own hands by amputating his right leg.
Zheng Yanliang, 47, who lives near the city of Boading in China's Hefei Province, first began to experience pain in his leg in January 2011. He had no money to pay for a doctor-recommended amputation.
Doctors gave Yanliang painkillers, but the pills didn't have any effect on the arterial embolism in his leg. His health deteriorated, and doctors gave him three months to live, according to Sky News.
What came next is both amazing and unbelievable to other outlets that tried to confirm Yanliang's story. One night in April 2012, he reportedly used a hacksaw and fruit knife to cut off his leg a little less than six inches below the hip. He saved his own life.
"...I used the knife to slice the skin and pull it back so I could see the bone. Then I used the saw to slice through the bone after putting a belt around the leg to stop the blood flow," he said according to HuffPost UK. "I did not want to distress my wife, but I had to wake her when the hacksaw blade broke."
Zheng has reportedly recovered from the DIY amputation. Now he needs to have his other leg amputated. This time, he won't have to do it himself, according to the Daily Star.
Shanghai-based doctor Zhang Qiang said he'd offer his services for free, the paper reported.
But some skeptics think that Zheng's story, like Zheng himself, doesn't have a leg to stand on.
The Shijiazhuang Daily, a Chinese-language paper that originally broke the story, relied only on Zheng's account of the story, the Daily Telegraph reported.
The Telegraph tried to contact the reporter of the original piece, but he has not answered his phone since Thursday.


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