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Nibiru, Antarctica, Gov’t Shutdown – Coincidence or Cataclysmic Event Prep?

By Susan Duclos

It was recently reported that due to the US government shutdown, three Antarctic scientific stations would be put into deep freeze.

Convenient timing considering there has been some odd reports coming out about the Antarctic, Nibiru and secret preparations going on by the US government and other governments.

It is conspiracy theory yes, but sometimes when dots are so close together it is almost impossible not to connect them and come up with something far different than what the masses are being told.

So, come, jump down the rabbit hole with me.

Yesterday, via  GodLikeProductions: 

Anyone here have any Navy connections? I’ve got some family in the Navy and had 2 of them call me to pass along a rumor that something huge just went off under the ice. Lotsa of seismic activity and what appears to be artificial energy signatures in a 30 mile area near the pole. Also really bizarre Ariel phenomena have been spotted all over the continent. 

In late September Alex Jones spoke with Bob Fletcher, who was a key person in the Iran contra hearings, who talks about his unique insights to explain the recent events happening in America and across the world. (Video here)

When we consider the massive ammunition purchases, the FEMA Region 3 preparations indicating some catastrophic event being planned for, the assertion by former Homeland Security Secretary that a major natural disaster was going to happen, along with news justtoday that Chinese troops are on American soil, the thousand underground facilities the US is building and the 5,000 the us is helping othercountries build, an ugly picture starts to come into focus.

Fletcher believes a “catastrophic celestial impact, ” is coming and it all has to do with Nibiru returning to our Solar System.

Are all these events unrelated and coincidental or do governments around the world know that something is coming and simply aren’t willing to tell their population?

Is Nibiru on it’s way? Is the Antarctica, the one place consistently associated with Nibiru sightings, being emptied of all but necessary personnel in order to limit the amount of news coming from there? Are the conspiracy theorists who have been predicting this for years about to be proven correct?

Will they, or we, still be alive afterward to say “Hey, I told you so?”

What do you believe?


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