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In 1850, almost 250 miles away of Baghdad, Iraq, Austen Henry, a famous excavator, found some ancient clay tablets during his excavation.
The exact location of this excavation was near a area of today’s Iraqi town Mosul and what Sumerian tablets were indicating was one of the historical findings imaginable of our time- evidence of advanced species descending to our planet earth and living with humans.

These Sumerian texts was first deciphered by a linguistic scholar Zechariah Sitchin, who was a master of many Middle Eastern languages- Sumerian, Hebrew, Aramaic. His translation reveals that Annunaki was a god, lived with humans, who descended from a heavenly body. This Sumerian text is also known as Enoch, which describes Gods as “the watchers” as does Egyptian text. According to this tablet Annunaki came from a distant planet “Nibiru”, which has been recently located by astronomers, beyond Pluto, and has been named as Planet X.

What is the most astonishing fact that Sumerian text says is how Homo sapiens was created by Annunaki with the help of his associates. Sitchin’s translation says that Annunaki came to our planet approximately 450,000 years ago in order to mine gold in a place in present day’s Zimbabwe. A recent research by an Anglo-American corp. has confirmed that an extensive scale of gold mining in the same area, at least 100,000 years ago. All the mined gold used to shipped back to Annunaki’s planet, and the workers used to work in mines was from his planet too. After a rebellion Annunaki decided to create a new working class to do the mining for them-probably this is the very first concept of enslavement of human race in our entire history.

In order to create a new slave or working class for mining work, the Annunaki’s genes and the native human genes were mixed up to create the new race- Homo sapiens. This really sounds like a fairy tale, yet our modern science says us that around 200,000 years back there was a sudden change or upgrade of human form-famously known as the missing link.Though we still don’t find any logical explanation for this missing link, but this Annunaki’s experiments with humans’ genes make some sense.

Sumerian tablets also describes that from the beginning of creation, this new race was capable of both understanding and communicating with a complex language and they had massively improved brain size in comparison to their close ancestors. According to many biologists, sudden increase in brain size with a huge magnitude is utterly impossible and should take at least millions of years. The emergence of homo sapiens as we see us today, occurred 35,000 years ago with another dramatic change and till date we haven’t seen any other major brain update or change among us.

Some Striking Facts about Sumerian Text

-Like almost every native culture, Sumerian tablets also describe an event like Noah’s flood took place at the time of Annunaki.
- Sumerian tablets describe a place near Iraq called Edin (not Eden), which is very similar to the garden of heaven –Eden- describes in many religious holy books.
-Sumerian text tells about the sudden up-gradation of human form, which fits well to the missing links of the human evolution.
-This text tells about the existence of a planet, popularly known to us as planet X, which has been discovered recently.
-It also tells about extra-terrestrial life was like reptilians. And reptilian life form was purposely mixed with human form to create a working class people who could be easily manipulated and controlled.

Still, we have no hard evidence that if the story described in Sumerian texts is a mere fairly tale or someone like Annunaki really came to our planet to rule and to control earthlings. But, the story of this ancient Sumerian book is a strong source of so called “reptilian shape shifters” (claimed by many conspiracy theorists)like creatures ruling our planet right now.


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