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The Grey Alien race of extra-terrestrials has become a pop-culture phenomenon that continues to capture the imagination and attention of governments, citizens and all who have ever uttered the word abduction! 

Since the ancient civilizations of the Mayans, Hopi Indians, Greeks, and Egyptians, aliens have always been recorded in teachings, writings, artifacts and/or paintings, and the reoccurring image that we see throughout history. Today many believe that the Grey Aliens are the race that continues to visit Earth.

According to conspiracy theorists The Grey Aliens are very unique Grey Aliens were said to have been cloned by the race of evil aliens called the Reptilians. Reptilian Aliens are extra-terrestrial beings from the Draco constellation that exist in the 3, 4, and 5 dimensions of the Universe, and therefore, ingest energy as their primal source of nutrition. However, because of their inherent need for negative energy, we (humans) see Reptilians as being evil.Reptilians created the Grey Aliens as a slave race so they are able tofeed off their negative energy and grow as a race. Grey Aliens became a very advance alien race with the technology to rebel against their creators and fly out into the cosmos to find a new home. Grey Aliens are said to exist in Zeta Reticuli.

Zeta Reticuli (ζ Ret, ζ Reticuli) is a binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum. From the southern hemisphere the pair can be seen as a naked eye double star in very dark skies. Based upon parallax measurements, this system is located at a distance of about 39 light-years (12 parsecs) from the Earth.


  1. It would seem this category of foreign beings to our Earth is like an invasion of ants in the foundations of our house in that their plan collectively is to colonise our beautiful planet. For the time being they would appear to be quietly preparing for a time when this will be thrust upon us. We are so busy fighting each other with sectarian factions and wars they we are not noticing what is happening before our eyes. There even exist complicit groups of humans in high places hoping for some selfish benefit. So we have a hidden enemy vastly superior in both collective intelligence and technology. Our only hope is our Creator. If we ask Him to intervene on our behalf.. some may say the Creator is a personal GOD and others may say He is the sum of the collective mind of the entire universe. We have however a unique point of access made available to us around 2000 years ago. There exists nothing greater than our Creator, and this includes the rotten little grey aliens who exist on the dark negative side of Creation. GOD would appear to have established a balance throughout His Creation of good and evil, light and dark. We need to decide, individually, and ultimately collectively, where we belong. Peace to all Mankind, but let's kick the little grey aliens butts before it's too late. The answer lies in Prayer, which is nothing less than supercharged cosmic power unto ourselves provided it is correctly channelled and sealed in the Name of GOD's Son Jeshua ben Joseph the Messiah and Saviour of Mankind the Christ Jesus.