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Tsunami – a Natural Disaster or Nuclear Experiments?

The earthquake that devastated the Indian Ocean on December 26, triggering mammoth waves called tsunami, “was possibly” caused by an Indian nuclear experiment.
India, in its heated nuclear race with Pakistan, had lately received sophisticated nuclear know-how from Israel, which showed readiness to cooperate with India in experiments to exterminate humankind

During his press conference at the Jakarta summit, United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland took time to address that the recent Asian Tsunami had been triggered by an Indian nuclear experiment.The paper claims, according to these reports, that India has been experimenting with this technology – and other nuclear devices – in the region of the Indian Ocean known as ‘the Fire Belt,’ which housed the epicenter of the earthquake. however, geologists labeled that region “The Fire Belt” for being “a dangerous terrain that can move at anytime, without human intervention”.


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