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Strange shadows could also be a sign of a haunting. Beware of the empty rocking chair. Some people are skeptical, but others claim they have experienced otherworldly residents living in their homes.

Sometimes this can be nerve wracking, but in some instances it may be a blessing. A spirit may interact with one or more residents of a home. This is called an intelligent haunting. When spirits seem to be ignorant of anything going on around them and do their tasks as when they were living, these are called a residual haunting. There are other types of paranormal activities, but these are the primary ghostly types. Haunted homes still house their previous occupants because of their love of the property or a tragic event may have held them in such fearsome state they don't know how to leave or won't leave. Unfortunately, the latter can be unsettling to try to live with. Many will not. Some simply don't know they have died.

Some homes will have inexplicable happenings in them. Doors may open or footsteps heard in specific places in a home. Sometimes sounds of feet on hard wood floors will be made on carpeted floors. Dresser drawers may be heard opening and closing in empty rooms. One private residence has a very helpful spirit who is seen in her favorite window. She dusts furniture and performs other household tasks to keep her home neat. Another has a Civil War Colonel that still sits at the kitchen table enjoying the aromas and atmosphere. The living may not always see their apparitions, but their essence, works, or sounds may be present. People sensitive to entities experience these things and grow to accept them as just others living in their houses. They may appear in dreams as well as around the premises. Ghosts may need help or want to help another spirit or living person. They will try to speak in ways to get the living to aid them.

Cold spots that can't be explained by a draft of any type are another common manifestation of a ghost. It's a feeling one may get repeatedly in a certain place that seems to come and go. A thermometer to measure the general room temperature and then the particular cold area can verify that something may be going on. Basements have long been known to produce fear, but in some cases these fears are symptoms caused by gas heaters with improper ventilation or electrical hookups with high magnetic fields. Both can be safety hazards and should be checked. However, dastardly deeds may have occured in a cellar and haunting spirits be present.

Some entities are not sociable or nice to have around and may drive residents away or need to be exorcised for them to leave. They may cause an assortment of disturbances from breaking things to actually attacking individuals to scare them away. Remodeling, restructuring, or changing a dwelling in other ways can stir up spirits that might be not want the changes to happen. A residual haunting might be repeating a violent or unhappy circumstance, not really interacting with residents, but nonetheless, causing panic.

Renovations aren't always alarming to those who have lived in a home before. In fact, some report that when a home is brought back to its glory days spirits may appear to show their approval at the continuation of care by the living residents. A smiling face may appear from a female appartion, a stately gentleman may tip his hat, or children may run playfully through the house. Many are never seen again. 


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