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Dede Koswara : The Forgotten Story Of “The Tree Man”

dede koswara-tree-man
Many of you will already have seen Dede Koswara “The Tree Man” a few years ago when a picture of him posted on the internet sparked a veritable media frenzy.
Thanks to the attention, an American dermatologist was able to diagnose his condition as a rare combination of conditions, and offered to treat the tree-like growths that were consuming his body and had cost him his marriage, his job and his independence.

The surgeries went well, for the first time in over a decade Dede was able to use his hands again and walk without pain, and so his story has been largely forgotten. But sadly, the story hasn’t ended there.

The story of Dede’s condition begins 30 years ago when he was 10 years old. Whilst out in the forest near his home on the island of Java in Indonesia, Dede cut his knee whilst out in the forest. Shortly afterwards, small warts sprouted around the wound, which eventually spread to his feet and hands.


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